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PC Repairs

Apple Repairs


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PC Repairs & Servicing

Computer Solutions

Slow booting computers, Data Recovery, Hardware upgrades, Fault Finding


Power Supplys, Cooling Fans, Hard Drives, DVD Drives, Graphics Cards, Sound Cards, Motherboards

Operating Systems

New reinstallations are sometimes the best solution to over come damage from virus and malicious software.

Operating systems include Windows XP, 7,8, 8.1 and 10

Laptops & Desktop Computers

Servicing of Laptops include a full operating system check which includes operating system updates and Virus, Malware, Spyware scanning.

Cooling fans are cleaned to ensure the laptop is able to cool down correctly. Repairs and upgrades for all laptops are available.

Virus Removal

Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious. They can be amongst the hardest computer problems to deal with.


You may need professional help to clear the virus and to repair the damage it has caused your computer.  We can install free anti-virus software and also advise about firewalls and other methods of protection.

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